The Power of a Good Name

Did we get your attention?

That’s what the domain name, www.LazyHusband.Vegas was supposed to do.

It drew you in.  It captured your imagination.

Relax! We are not selling an actual Lazy Husband.

What is being sold is a great, .Vegas domain name starting at $19.95


But that’s not the whole story!

Cynics, didn’t want Las Vegas to have its own Internet address.

They said. We weren’t smart enough, big enough, sophisticated enough.

They said the same thing about bringing a professional sports team to Las Vegas. The success of the Golden Knights, Raiders and Aces proves them wrong on every count.

When, Las Vegas was awarded the, .Vegas Internet address, the cynics were mad as hell.

How could Las Vegas be so arrogant? Why couldn’t the people in Las Vegas be satisfied with a dot common Internet address like everyone else?

Here’s why! The people in Las Vegas don’t like to be bullied. They don’t need some Las Vegas pretender telling them that a dot common Internet address is the same as a, .Vegas Internet address. They know horsepucky when they see it. The truth is, if it doesn’t say Vegas after the dot, it’s not Las Vegas.

You’ve read this far! I’m thrilled! Now, do me a favor. If you are in the market for a new domain name, type it in the search bar above. If it’s available, prove the cynics wrong.