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Worst Domain Names… Ever!

Posted : July 05, 2018 by Dot Vegas

Business owners will spend days agonizing over which domain name (website name) to pick for their business. Should it match the business name exactly? Should it be shorter or longer? Do website visitors want to see something clever or serious? Should you go with a .com, .net, or .somethingelseentirely? What about dashes? What about numbers? What if the domain name is already taken? It’s enough to make any person’s brain implode.

Worst Domain Names… Ever

That must’ve been what happened with these five companies, because something about their domains just doesn’t sound… right. And if you are in the market for creating a new website name for your company, please avoid the mistakes these businesses made:


Please tell us this website doesn’t have anything to do with swimmers’ flatulence. Please.

Of course not! It’s the Speed of Art (not the Speedo Fart), and it has nothing to do with, well, you know. It goes without saying this is one URL people won’t race to click on. Friends, in this case, remember: dashes are your friend. Say it with us: speed-of-art.com!


Americans! We crap metal! Not really. Like Speedo Fart — *ahem* Speed of Art — this URL is seriously lacking much-needed dashes. Or just picking a whole different name all together.


What is this?! Where are their parents? Oh… sorry. Children’s Wear. That’s a relief. We were about to start washing people’s mouths out with soap.


This isn’t what it sounds like. We promise. They mean pottery. Enjoy pottery. Don’t we all? Maybe next time, though, spell out the whole word, guys.

How to Create a Good Domain Name

When coming up with your domain name, there are a few details you should keep in mind.

Include a Keyword, If Possible

Google sees everything. Whenever you have an important keyword naturally included in your text, Google gives you a virtual pat on the back and awards you +10 SEO points. In other words, it’s good for your rankings.

However, the important word here is: naturally.

Don’t squeeze a keyword into your domain just for the sake of having it there. But if you can do so naturally, please do.

Keep It Brief

How annoying is it to type in a URL like www.thebestfitnessgearandequipmentforgyms.com? We’re not even sure what we just said.

Remember: your domain will be part of the user experience. Make it easy for people who want to visit your website. Keep it simple…. and short!

Explore Beyond .Com

There’s no worse feeling than that of picking out the perfect domain name and subsequently seeing it’s already in use… except maybe getting water in your shoes. That might feel worse.

But! When it comes to your top level domain (everything after the dot in your URL), you have options. Lots of them. Your domain doesn’t need to be a generic .com. Think outside the box.

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