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Tools For Naming a Business in Las Vegas

Posted : July 20, 2018 by Dot Vegas

Choosing a name for your company is usually a mixture of fun, excitement, and stress. You’re passionate about your new business, you’re looking forward to sharing it with the world, but you also want to make sure your marketing is smart. You need a name that is simple, clearly captures your company’s identity, and is usable. Once you have the perfect name matching it with the right website domain is equally important.

Simple and Catchy

Your business’ name should be simple, sticky, and connect to your brand in a meaningful way. Don’t overthink it. Countless businesses lose potential customers because they go to a website and have no idea what the product or service is. When people go to your website they should see your company name and main header at the top fold, and know what you’re offering, how it will make their life better, and how to buy within 5 seconds.

Is it Usable?

You’ve come up with the perfect name, but can you use it? Start with a web search. Is another company already using the name? If so, depending on their location, and exposure, you’ll likely want to come up with a variation, or go in a new direction.

The second part of usability is your website’s domain name. If your company is named “Cat Boots” you might want On the other hand, if you’re offering your product in an iconic region or city, an even better option would be a “. city” domain. When you use a
“. city” domain it adds credibility and instant branding to your company. People automatically associate your company with the city name attached.

Top Level Domain Names

A top-level domain, or ‘TLD’, is the part of the web address that comes after the right of the dot. “. com,” “.net,” “. org,” etc. Using a targeted TLD like “. vegas” for a business that operates in Las Vegas instantly associates your business with the iconic brand that is Las Vegas. It also frees you up to use a “.com” name that may already be taken. Ultimately, the greatest value it adds is giving your company a recognizable dimension to your branding. Recognition builds trust, and trust is everything in marketing.

Get Your “. vegas” Domain Name Today

Align your company with one of the most iconic cities in the country. Build instant brand recognition and trust. Head to BeBold.Vegas to learn all about it, or visit your favorite registar, like GoDaddy.

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